By: mattMon Mar 14 2005
Great show at the Hideout Saturday. Your new songs are really good, and the old ones sounded great!

By: Sir Clicks-a-lotFri Mar 4 2005
phil!...just got back from studying sitar in india for 3 months...nice new site...gimme a shout-would be good to get back in touch...mustaf abhagat@hotmai

By: Joey MazaThu Feb 3 2005 er ic brown is in chicago working at the he museum, i'm in philly.

By: grbintoWed Feb 2 2005
joey where are you? Send me an email would yah? thanks

By: Joey MazaFri Jan 28 2005
JoeMan says long overdue hello to chicago Phil.

By: hoMon Nov 29 2004
I'd love another chance to see you folks. I was ready to see you in Sacramento with Sin Ropas, very excited. But, found out the day of that the show was cancelled. :( Next time, eh.

By: grbintoSun Nov 21 2004
jed and everybody who is waiting I am very sorry that you missed us. This tour was not promoted or planned very well. In the future we hope to make our presence more well known. We hope to try and play again in the bay area and in the midwest before spring. Fell free to email or ask any questions. I will also be posting some live MP3's soon for checking out. Thanks for the interest and again so sorry. gr

By: jedSun Nov 21 2004
wtf??? you played the bay THREE TIMES last week and i didn't know about it??? i've been waiting for years and years. that really blows.

By: bTue Nov 9 2004
perishable was still listing your minnesota shows and e-mailing about it......i'm not mad though...very understanding...i've just been waiting to see you guys for about six years now......please come soon

By: grbintoTue Nov 2 2004
Sorry for all the show confusion. The most up to date show info is at http://www.per ishablerecords .com/tours.htm l Thanks for all the support. We will be in all your cities soon enough. thanks gr

By: Mike KoserSun Oct 31 2004
Absolutlely thrilled to see you are coming to Phoenix in a few weeks. been a fan for a couple of years, but have never seen you play "live" just yet. Thanks for all the great tunes..

By: bFri Oct 29 2004
great show in minneapolis!!!!!!....oh wait, you didn't play here.....nevermind.

By: senior nubeWed Oct 20 2004 a lost binto family member??

By: Senior NubeTue Oct 19 2004
Very beautiful Milanesa - two autonomous worlds crashing - wanting to merge - detroit awaits your visit!

By: Chuck ReedSat Oct 16 2004
Hope you guys have a great tour. We will send your bay area itinery to our friends. Hope they might make it to see you.

By: lasciareThu Oct 14 2004
p.s. i set this as l'il guy's homepage!

By: lasciareThu Oct 14 2004
can you talk to chacabuco about his grammar? also, LOVELY website - just like all of you....lovely. let's make soup soon...winter is coming.

By: prairie fenSat Oct 9 2004
i will certainly do the same in regards to kalamazoo (very close to indiana as a matter of fact). you haven't been here, i believe, since REX at the Comet Cafe. Incidentally, that was years ago.

By: gr bintoMon Sep 27 2004
I'm sold on a big tour of indiana. As soon as we can fit it into our schedule we'll do it!!! thanks teenager Any more booking requests please send info to the contact email on the home page and we'll try to make it to your town!!!

By: teenager of the year (again)Mon Sep 27 2004
yeah, indiana. come to bloomington. cool town. indiana university is there. i think the kids will eat you up like the sweet and sour dishes you are.

By: teenager of the yearSat Sep 25 2004
please please please come to indiana. it doesnt matter where. ill make the drive. cool venue in north manchester indiana called "the firehouse" http://www.the home.php they pay big money. other cities have venues too, indianapolis, boomington, fort wayne, south bend. i slap my face with excitment at the thought of you coming to my home town.

By: treeFri Sep 24 2004
please come to baltimore!

By: littlesoulFri Sep 24 2004
Nice work Phil! I too look forward to Libby's cake. That should be your next album title.

By: lemon-toppinTue Sep 21 2004
As the author of the unauthorized biography of Phil Spirito, "Life at 63 RPM", and a dedicated Orso groupie for many years, I must say I am very impressed by the updated website. Like Phil's music, it is an almost subliminally sublime experience, and at the same time, almost sublime in its utmost expression of sublimality. I look forward to visiting Orso on their upcoming big tour, and also eating some libby-cake, which is really unconnected but I had to throw it out there because its so good.

By: oweihopsFri Sep 17 2004
snazzy. i recognize some of you cats.

By: beckyThu Sep 16 2004
hey!! this is fantastic. I loved reading the biography, what a road you have all been on... where did you take that hunting picture???

By: PaulyWed Sep 15 2004
Hey!!! This is great! I love the image gallery and the mp3s... I'll be check'n in, oh yea...

By: Uncle DukeMon Sep 13 2004
I could have brought a lot more gear on that first tour if I'd left my beard behind...

By: chacabucoSun Sep 12 2004
website looks great, whatever happened to version 6? those guys were insane you coming to Brooklyn?

By: grbintoSat Sep 11 2004
the web site hasn't been up five minutes and uncle duke lee is already griping. Alright duke...

By: Uncle DukeSat Sep 11 2004
Hey webmaster, get out the photoshop and give ol' Unc a shave for gods' sake! I look like some sort of Scottish sheep-man.

By: testingSat Sep 11 2004
saturday after lunch

By: AbbySat Feb 7 2004
I run a rocking web zine, take a look.

By: orso lover commitsWed Dec 24 2003
wish i had a family this christmas holidays are often the loneliest times for some people goodbye

By: jedMon Sep 22 2003
where oh where has my orso gone??! for god's sake, man! *j

By: ld beghtolSun Mar 2 2003
when will we see you, tattoo'd loveboy? nyc needs you. call me. i have a new album to send, along with all my best wished. kisses,

By: EmilianoMon Jan 13 2003
Hi Guys! Here in Genoa all the people talks about the great Orso gig and the beautful Orso people... We love you definitely: come back soon, we are waiting for our friends! Ciao

By: paoloTue Dec 17 2002
howyadoin,mates? i miss you since your last perfs in italy (rovereto was great and the festival..oh yeah, it was good anyway...did you enjoy those silly alien cats or whatever?)! to all the orso listeners: phil got a bootleg from this excellent rovereto (ita) gig in a brand new awesome acoustics theatre done by myself!!! he swapt it with the remix stuff...hahaha, gotcha!! you postfolk wicked people, i can't wait, i might come over one of these days!!!