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is xmas tomorrow?
Phyllis Eccles Pembleton was born in London, England on July 11, 1909 before she passed away Phyllis was living in a Adult Family Home in Bellevue WA called The Willow Care Home. Although pretty lucid right up to the end she did suffer from dementia and would frequently ask "Is it Christmas Tomorrow?" Upon hearing her story from Duke Lee her grandson I wrote a song. A few months after that on January 26, 2001 Mrs Pembleton passed. Soon after her son Arthur started a project documenting the travels of his mother's ashes. http://www.thedeadmommadatabase.com/ One of the places he visited with Momma was Chicago. His documentary journey inspired me to put together this cd paying tribute to her memory.
1. intro- patched by phil at KB's upstairs Chicago 8/05
2. is xmas tomorrow? (little soul mix) - recorded and mixed by doug scharin corkfilled Chicago 02
3. arm and arm with duke lee battling the strange birthday revelers - patched by duke and phil Green Door studios SF and KB's 8/05
4. Lynchpins uv Chaos - phyllis russel memorial allstars - duke lee and matthew graham
5. is christmas tomorrow? (my dreams are back album version)
6. silver bells and a roasting fire - patched by phil at KB's recorded by jim at four deuces Chicago 7/05 and at schubas 11/01
9. LF - live solo Schubas 10/27/01

Alterations CDs
this series of self-released CD's is made up of unheard oRSo music. This includes re-mixes, live recordings, out takes and other Binto family projects. These CDR's are created by hand and packaged with loving care by the members of the Binto family. These tracks show up on no other CD's. These are also $10.

Alterations One
1. third - recorded at Shape Shop in chicago by Griffin Rodriguez. mexican tenor guitar and voice - Spirito, alto sax -Cennamo and Bass - Rodriguez 10/18/01
2. for lack of better words - remix by Doug Scharin at the b room of Classics 9/98
3. golden mole - recorded at Cork Filled and mixed at the orange room by Spirito and Scharin was created as accompaniment for a dance performance.
4. fitted sheet - recorded at cork filled 3/01 Spirito - tenor guitar Cennamo - alto sax
5. swiss chard - written by Dom Leone recorded at Cork Filled
6. Slinky Bean Seline's tiny grave - remix by Scharin in the b room at Classics
7. mama - live solo at Schubas, Chicago 10/27/01
8. conference room - recorded live at Cork Filled Spirito - mexican tenor Ben Masserella - percussion Mustafa Bhagat - sitar and Gillian Lisee - organ
9. LF - live solo Schubas 10/27/01

Alterations Two
baci: Carl's 1-9 "who is sammy the bull?"
This is one whole piece that was written by baci, which is the duo of Cennamo and Spirito. This music was created for a shadow puppet play that tells the story of Sammy "the bull" Gravano that, when finished, will use elephant headed human puppets to symbolize the herd versus bull mentality of this mafia hit man's life as John Gotti's henchman. This piece was recorded at a one time only live performance at the hothouse in chicago Illinois 9/6/2002. (Spirito - tenor banjo and voice Cennamo - alto sax and voice)

1. murder to be made
2. paul ascends
3. gotti is made
4. mistakes
5. pauly returns
6. he's gotta go
7. safety to sing
8. why me lord
9. sammy tells all

Alterations Three
1. fred and gene at dawn - music construction created by Duke Lee for oRSo version four 1999
2. oh look singing reprise - out take from "my dreams are back..." recorded by Scharin and Rodriguez at Cork Filled 7/01
3. look up where the rain is from - out take from "my dreams are back..."
4. theme from loftus 9 - live at Speak in Tongues Cleveland Ohio 12/98 first oRSo tour Spirito - tenor guitars and banjo's Brian Deck - keyboards and Ben Masserella - percussion
5. alcalas - live at Speak in Tongues Cleveland Ohio 12/98
6. their here - out take from "my dreams are back..."
7. varmint - out take from "my dreams are back..."
8. onion - out take from "my dreams are back..."
9. spiders house - out take from "my dreams are back..."
10. meetings with remarkable hats and beards - out take from "my dreams are back..."
11. great wall - out take from "my dreams are back..."
12. zapruder - recorded by Brian Deck at Clava 1999
13. fred and gene at the bull fights - music construction by Duke Lee for oRSo version four 1999
14. madagascar - live at Speak in Tongues Cleveland Ohio 12/98
15. dogs - live at the Knitting Factory NY 1999